When is my birthday?

One of my first projects at my current place of employment was to create a simple web application that lets people create an account for themselves.

The security information we ask for is their date of birth. I also created a form in case people where having trouble registering and they needed to email someone to help them out. This form was ready nothing more than a straight port of a CGI based mailto form to a Coldfusion based mailto form. I didn’t change anything other than the underlying mechanism for the form to function.

Since I didn’t change anything I left as a reason you might be submitting this form: ‘don’t know or forgot my security information.’ Please keep in mind that date of birth is the security information. I figured no one would use that option, but I was just porting the form, and I am a techie not a marketing person so I don’t touch the copy.

Numerous people have sent in the form (less than expected which is a good thing) but a few have cited the reason as: don’t know or forgot my security information.

I don’t think they deserve to use the web application.

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