Vince DeMentri is following me

Talk about freaky. I have been living in Philadelphia for maybe 5 months, before that I was living in Yonkers, NY. During my time in Yonkers I would watch the news, and all my tv channels were, of course, New York City channels. I would tune into WCBS (channel 2) and watch the news every once and awhile.

You see CBS news was always 3, NBC was the big kid on the block, ABC was the old statesman, and CBS was a distant third. Time after time they would revamp their entire news program (including staff) to no avail.

Vince DeMentri was on CBS 2 in NY, and to my knowledge he was still in NY. Imagine my shock to turn on NBC 10 at 11pm to watch the news, and who should I see? You guessed it, Vince DeMentri. I think he is stalking me.

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