Sadist Statistics

After just a few hours of using TypePad I am a huge fan of it. The only problem is that now I have access to all kinds of statistics about this here little weblog, and that is depressing.

Now, I am not trying to become famous or anything with this site, that would be nice but I am certain it ain’t happening. I have a better chance of becoming Queen of England by drinking lots of tea, or moving to the Moon for the view.

You get the idea.

Anyway, thanks to TypePad people can comment on my entries, and they can ‘Trackback’ to my entries (basically linking to the entries in such a way that my blog is aware of it and display a link to the link), and above all I can see lots of statistics about who is visting my blog and from whence they came.

I need more traffic. I crave it. I can almost taste it. I would become the toast of the town. The belle of the ball. The cock of the walk. The jack of all trades. The spring in Springfield. The bob in weave. The high in high five. The Mary Taylor Moore of the Dick Van Dyke Show. The shinny penny at the bottom of your pocket. The twinkle in a young man’s eye. 3.5 acres of 4 acres and a mule. The Sultan of Swing. The King of Koffee. The Duke of Daring. The Crown Prince of Cool!

Probably not though.

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  1. No, it was a take off of the phrase ‘4 acres and a mule,’ which is what the United States promised to give all the freed slaves as restitution for the whole making them do back breaking labor and what have you.

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