Mac-Mike: I need strength today

Mac-Mike: I need strength today:

I need to be kept very, very busy today. Why? because the G5’s are on the shelves today. Maybe it’s really time to burn the credit cards. Rip up my Apple credit account information.
Hmmm. But I wonder: Maybe I could sell my 8-month old G4 dual 1GB processor machine????? Then a G5 wouldn’t be such a hit.

I am thinking along the same exact lines. I think it is a sickness that we mac people have. As soon as Steve Jobs introduces a new product I want to buy one. It doesn’t matter that I have no real use the the iSoupStrainer. Jobs convinces me that is will completely change my life. And then Apple makes those promotional videos with Jon Ives talking about the incredible design decisions that went into the iSoupStrainer. It isn’t just about straining soup anymore, its about making straining into an artform. And then they cut to Seal talking about how sexxy the curves are or something.

It is irrational, it is silly, but for us Mac users the temptation is there.

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