El Azteca IV

I like mexican food, and I live in Philadelphia. I just found this blog about food in Philly, and they posted the following:

Philly LunchBox: El Azteca IV

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  1. Even though I can’t read what the link said…el azteca is a big no no. BIIIIIG no no. Did i say big? No, i meant huuuuge.
    I went there when I first arrived to Philly and they didn’t even know what horchata was! nor jamaica! (both tipical mexican non-alcoholic drinks) I nearly had a heart attack right there! It was like going into an american burger place and them not having rootbeer! I had to explain to them what both things were! That did it. I left as soon as I could…the horror!
    if you want to have REAL mexican, La veracruzana in 9th and washington along with Garibaldi (across the street) are pretty good (and cheap). Tequila’s is expensive, but they have great tortas ahogadas (for those that can take the heat). These stablishments are all Mexican approved (me) and you can safely drink the water!
    Ah, yeah, there is also Luna’s; but the menu is rather limited (only one main dish at night) and sometimes it isn’t even mexican…but my friends seem to love it! 😛

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