Yogurt and Freaky Tissues

I am sitting here at work, enjoying a fine yogurt. I finish the yogurt and toss the container in the trash. Well, that was the plan, but I missed. The container that I thought was empty proceeded to get yogurt on the floor, my trash can, and a computer. I had to clean this mess up.

So I reached for my box of white KLEENEX. I ripped two out, wiped off the computer and discarded the tissues. I then proceeded to get two more tissues to whip up the yogurt from the floor. That is when it happened. I got the two white tissues out, but the tissue that is sticking out of the box isn’t white, it is pinkish cream or something. After a little investigating I find that all the remaining tissues are of this decidedly not white hue. The kicker is that there are only a few of these differently pigmented tissues. Can it be that KLEENEX, in order to serve their customers better have implemented a system of different colored tissues so that you know when you are reaching the bottom of the box?

If so, I say kudos to them! If not, why the heck did I get the freakish box of tissues?

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  1. I belive its that way for all of thier boxes.At least it has been for mine.:)I cant belive nobody comented on this.>.>

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