Shortly after I had my first Pimms

So it has been a little while since I have written in this, the electronic mirror of my life.

It always shocks me when someone I know says something that I have written in here. I forget that I sent out an email begging people to read this, and apparently some people actually enjoy this crap. Who knew? Maybe I COULD make a living writing.. but probably not.

So lots have been going on lately. As you know, you faithful reader, you, I am moving to a new job within Columbia Business School. I am excited about that, and I got to go to a conference for the database that we are using, and that I will be partly responsible for. It was held down in Ye Olde Williamsburg, so that was cool. The title of this entry comes for a drinking song that I was singing with some other people at a colonial tavern that we went to. It was oodles of fun. I had stew and some peanuts. They were good.

The conference was wall to wall food, and I likes it! Yummy! I had all I could eat and then I had my stomach pumped and ate some more! Ahh, the food was flowing, and I ate it with great haste and aplomb.

And there was talk of some sort of software or something.

I also went to a concert by the great one, that is right Weird Al himself. The concert was very good. We had good seats and I was with some fun people.. so that was cool.

Other than that nothing much to report. I start my new position on Monday, and of course I am still not quite sure what the hell I am doing! But that will soon change.

The is all I wrote.

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