Mom scare and a new job

Please excuse the spelling in the following post:

Well, well! What is this? A new entry! Can you believe your cute little eyes? Yes, you can spanky! I am up at 2:38am and I just don’t feel like sleeping.. and there has been a lot going on in my life.

Let me explain something about me, if you are one of the few people that reads this and does not have the pleasure of knowing in (in the biblical sense.. I get around! I kid. I am a priest on the inside, but a whore on the outside. Just like the Pope!). I am a person that thrives on the mundane. I find life to be hilarious for no particular reason. I look at things that happen every day and revel in the absurdity of it all! But I am not what you would call an exciting bloke. For example, I went to Lehigh University during my undergrad days. Lehigh is known for many things, one of them being that the average student at Lehigh has more beer in them than blood at any point during any semester. I went there for 4 years and did not get drunk. At all. Not once. I think I might have partaken in one beer my entire tenure there. And when your mass rivals that of some small planteiods, such as mine does (but I am such a CUTE planet, not like Uranus!) one beer does not have an effect on you. So why am I telling you this? Just to establish that my life is regular, as if it eats the daily recommended amount of fiber.

But things are getting interesting. Not mind blowingly interesting.. but interesting.

First off, my mother had a little health scare. It seems that her steady diet of melted butter and wedges of cheese has had some effects and 3 out of 3 arteries that supply blood to the old thinkin box were 90 – 100% closed. This worried some members of the medical establishment, and so we checked Joan into the hospital. The doctors poked and prodded and decided that it was too risky to try anything before they “consulted.” Could she come back in two weeks?

Of course she could! And the McNulty clan swooped down on St. Agnus Hospital like so many Irish things that swoop.

My mom was checked out and angiolasty (I think that is how you spell it, well it is how I spell it) was the course that the doctors decided on. They of course did not proceed with the procedure until they made sure to tell my mother about 400,000 times that she could suffer from a severe stroke thanks to this procedure. That helped with all of our nerves!

However, about about 3 hours the doctors came out of the operating room and told us that it went perfectly well and that my mom was fine. So that is good. But now there is hardly any junk food in the house. The sacrifices I have to make! Sheesh!

I also went to see the lovely Lady Elisa, always a good thing. We hung out with some people.. and Glenn (a friend from good old Yonkers) came down to PA to hang out with Elisa and I.. he needed to get his mind off of his many gambling debts and drug trafficking charges. We were glad to have him!

The three of us piled into Glenn’s car and headed to the mountains and visited Owen, one of my college buddies. He has this silly little dog, that I suspect to be, a rather cute rat. It has a sweater. Ain’t that freaking puke inducing cute?

We also attended the annual Celtic Classic, where I got to experience my cultural roots by watching men in dresses pick up large things and toss them.. and then drink some beer and blow into things; mostly bagpipes, but there were plenty of ladies there as well!

So that is my personal life. At work things are getting interesting. I think i have talked about Cathy, my newly hired supervisor. She is a very nice woman, I am just not sure she should be allowed to interact with people on a regular basis. I kid, but she is not the best manager in the world. I have been at the Business School for 6 months, and she has been there for about 3. I am in the Alumni Relations Department, which reports to Cathy. The AR department is made up of 2 people (me being one of them) and one other person also reports to Cathy. Now, Heather, the other Alumni Relations person, has been at the Business School for 2 years..and then along came Cathy. Heather quit her job two weeks ago. One down. Lesley, the other person that reports to Cathy, was hired 2 months ago. She quit this week. Two down.. one to go.. and that one is me!

I have no plans on leaving the Business School nor did I have plans of leaving my position at the school. Or so it was at the beginning of this week!

On Wednesday cathy called me into her office. She sat me down and started telling me how happy she was with me and talking about all my good qualities.. and I knew something was going on. She the proceeded to tell me that this job was open in our Systems department, and that she thought that I would be wonderful in that position. She had talked to Gerry, our systems guy, and he seemed to like the idea, and she wanted to know what I thought about it. I could tell that this was reflective of a desire in Cathy to see me get out of her department, although I am not sure why she wants to get rid of me… so I say, well I am interested but i would need to talk to gerry myself and see a job description. She seemed to be a little disappointed that I didn’t say, “SURE! Where do I sign?” But thems the breaks.

So I left her office and I talked to Gerry.. and the position does sound very interesting to me.. and I will be getting paid more money.. and the School would basically be training me in an entirely new skill set. So once I made sure I wouldn’t be reporting to Cathy in this position, for obvious reasons, I accepted the offer.

So now I am officially a techie. I never thought I would be.. but now I am on an entirely new career track. And I feel very good about it.

But I am sleepy.

Post-Its, unite!

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