Sad oreos, but I’m getting a masters

So it has been a little while since I have last wrote in this here trusty electronic diary! Is it suffering the same fate as my various paper bound journal attempts? I am not sure. So far I have updated this much more frequently then I ever did with those notebooks and things.

And this is really the only creative writing that I have been doing. And that is kind of sad, don’t you think? Not sad like a kitten on fire, more sad like you ate the last Oreo in the bag, but you didn’t KNOW it was the last Oreo. You reach back into the bag, and you realize what happened, and you know you can never have that moment back. You have lost your “last cookie savoring” moment, before you even knew you could have it, it was gone.

That kind of sad.

I visited Elisa last weekend. I had oodles of fun, as I always do with her. She is a nice lady, and I like her. She gave me candy, always a plus!

Other than that not much is going on… oh wait! I am officially entered into a masters program. That is exciting. It is a program in Higher Education Administration (yes it is, indeed, a field of study). They tell me that it will take me 2 years to complete the course of study since I am working full time, well I am going to do it in less. I might kill myself along the way, but I am going to do it! I am taking 2 classes this semester (6 credits) and next semester I am going to take 3 classes (9 credits) and over the summer I am going to try and take at least 3 classes (9 credits) and then I will need 6 more credits, and can do that the semester after the summer, and it will have only taken a year and a half. And then I can find a new job in a less reactive work place.. maybe not stay at work until 8pm on a Friday night!

Anyway, I am going to go to sleep.


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