Who needs paragraphs?

So I have been a busy boy for the last two weeks! I have been going to conferences and vacationing with a lovely lady. And I have to go back to work tomorrow. How sad! But I suppose it could be worse, the whole office is going on a retreat, and then of course next Monday is Labor Day so that is good. What did I do in the last two weeks? I went to an Alumni Relations Conference in Williamstown, MA. What is in Williamstown? Williams College, and that is about it! The town is in the Berkshires, so it is surrounded by mountains, and it is very picturesque. The mountains also block cell phone signals, and I know that was not a good thing for some people. People were going all over the place, twirling around. peering at their cell phones.. trying to find a signal so they can check their voice mail and see what was going on in the office. I didn’t check in with the office all that much. They can handle most things without me. I have faith! 5 days with people who are paid to chit chat! What an experience. No “me time.” As Alumni Relations professionals we are employed to make sure that everyone is having a good time, and talk to people. So the first session that we had to go to, the guy in charge said, stand up and introduce yourself to some people around you. Now, usually it would take a few seconds for people to do that, but in no time everyone was on their feet with their hand out saying, “I’m so and so from blanky poo college.” The roar of people small talking was deafening. It was also kinda neat. I met some nice people and I got a bunch of business cards, so that is cool! After that I went back to work for Thursday and Friday. Nothing too exciting happened there.. and then on Friday Elisa came! Yay! Last week was my vacation, and I spent it with Elisa. We had oodles of fun/ We saw They Might Be Giants for a buck each! They was very cool. And then we went to Windam, NY and sent 3 nights and 4 days at a lovely B & B. More mountains, the Catskills this time, and it was wonderful! Very relaxing, only was didn’t get to sleep in because we felt obligated to have breakfast every morning. But the food was GREAT, as was the company.. so it is all good! Then we came back to Yonkers, on Thursday and just hang out… and on Friday my new computer came! That is right, I ordered one of those new Apple cubes, and it is the coolest thing ever! I like it a lot.. I am on it right now. It just LOOKS like something from the future! Elisa went back to Lehigh today 🙁 So I am just here all alone playing with my cube. Email me!!!

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