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Nun on a subway

I saw a nun on the subway platform the other day. She was getting off one train and rushing across the platform to catch another train. ... when the doors shut right in front of her little nun face! She smiled this odd little smile.

Now I don't speak nun, but I KNEW she was mentally cursing up a blue streak. I hope she went to confession.

The morale of the story? If a nun smiles at you, punch her in the face. You don't need to take crap from anyone!

Switching subjects, I went to see Elisa over the weekend. And we had a good time, but there were rough patches. However, the good out weighed the bad, as it always does with Elisa and we had a great time!

We just spent the weekend hanging out. Just chillin' as the kids say.

Work is ok.. I am not very motivated to do much at work. That is why I am glad my vacation is coming up soon! What am I doing on my vacation? I am open to suggestion. I am planning to explore the wonder that is the Empire State with my lovely lady at my side!

Over and out.