Hello, Dentist

After months of nagging, I finally caved into Elisa’s demands and went to the dentist.

What fun!

I got there, filled out my paper work, and then sat in the chair. A nice lady came in and put a lead apron on me and took 18 x-rays of my teeth! She then shut off the lights and we read by the unearthly glow of my irradiated skull.

After that the Dentist came in and cleaned my teeth for me. She was very nice, and I was sorry I ate 4 onions and 2 bags of Oreos before I went to her office.

Away she had both her hands in my mouth and wanted to chit chat with me.

Dentist: “How about this weather?”

Scott: “Arrwayah Rarf”

Dentist: “It is hot, spit.”

Scott: Spits “Sorry about your shoes!”

So she was poking around in my mouth there, with her metal poker, and she rips open my gums! Blood shoots out of my mouth and hits the ceiling. Her reaction?

“I got a little over zealous. I forgot you aren’t sedated.”

Thanks, Doctor! Sheesh!

So the Dentist tells me I need to get a tooth jerked out of my skull before a supernova of pain erupts in my mouth. I have an appointment for this Friday at 4:30pm.

A little oral extraction is the best way to start off a weekend, don’t you agree?

Class dismissed.

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  1. Wew its fun reading your post, i think your kinda hilarious. and heather is right start you weekend with a healthy dose of oral extraction and without sedation of course would be relaxing afterward.

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