Goodbye, tooth

This weekend was chock full of nothing too exciting. For all of you following my manic caperings, I did go to the dentist on Friday where a tooth was forcefully removed from my skull.

I went there at 4:30 to be subjected to another barrage of radiation! This time my entire head was fitted into this contraction that raises or lowers to adjust to people of different heights.

Now, I am not what you would call a small man, and the woman who was operating this machine must have thought I was some kind of giant because she raised the machine as far as it could go, with my head in it mind you. I was dangling by my head 4 inches off the ground and the woman asked if I was “comfortable.” Since I had to bite down on a piece of plastic I could not answer but I think my general flaying about was answer enough and she lowered the machine a smidge.

She then put a lead apron on me and ran out of the room (this is getting to be a bit of a theme on my diary here, remember kids, Women and lead do not mix).

Anywho, the x-rays were done and I got to meet the oral surgeon, who looked more like a bit player from the Sopranos.

Vinnie, the oral surgeon, told me he heard I wanted one of my teeth “wacked” and did I know how much this “hit” would cost me.

After some talking we agreed on a price and he shot me full of the knock out juice, all the while explaining what could go wrong. He waited to explain all this AFTER I had signed the waver saying if anything went wrong it was my fault.

It all went well and now I am one tooth lighter. I suppose that is a good thing.

On that very same evening I went to the Wiz and purchased a cable modem. When shopping for computer equipment I always enjoy confusing the salespeople. I have a Mac, and so when the sales dude asked me whether I had Windows 95 or 98, I said I had OS 8.6 He had no idea what I was talking about. I said, “I have a Mac.” His fogged eyes cleared and he uttered, “Oh.” and proceeded to finalize my purchase.

I got my cable modem in my hot little hands, and I took it home and set it up! Ready to cruise the internet and download all the por… I mean pictures of puppies, that I could handle! But alas, the cable signal is too weak in my room and I need to wait until Wednesday when the Cable men will knock on my door and fix all my problems for me. Talk about a full service company!

Today I spent amongst the hustle and bustle of one of the oddest stores I have ever had the opportunity to shop in. Of course, I am speaking of Ikea, that Swedish import that boggles the mind. All of the furniture is slightly “odd” in one way or another. It is requires “some assembly” and an open mind. I am not sure if I like that store or not.

My verdict, and many many other things, on the next installment of “This So Called Scott.”


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