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If you are here because I sent you a pathetic email trying to gain attention to my meandering writings on the web that no one would stumble across without guidance, you get a cookie!

If you are here because you think you might gain some kind of cosmic insight… you get a cookie!

Cookie good. Insight bad.

Anyway, you might be wondering, Scott… why did you send me an email about this crappy site? I figured that if I told people about it, I would feel compelled to keep updating it, and that means that I would be writing on a semi regular basis.. which is a good thing.

Also, what else are you doing? I don’t think you are getting your daily recommended serving of McNulty in your diet. This is for your own darn good!

What should I write about in a diary, an online diary no less! I am not sure. If I were Marsha Brady I would be writing about the dreamy boys in home room that ignore me. If I was Janet Reno I would be writing about all the dreamy girls that ignore me in cabinet meetings.. and how the president can’t keep from asking to play “doctor” with me.

But I am neither of those people.. at least not last time I checked. I will stick with what I know then, complete and utter nonsense!

With the occasional tirade thrown in for good measure.

That reminds me, something has been bugging me for awhile. People and elevators!

Let me explain. At my work place there are two elevators, one right next to the other. On the ground floor there is no other reason to stand in front of them, other than to wait for the elevator so it make lift you up into the heady regions of the upper floors.

There exists only one call button to summon the elevator.

Are you with me so far? I thought so.

Let me set a scene for you. I am standing in front of the elevators, staring at the elevators as one tends to do when you are waiting for the elevator doors to open.

Someone walks towards the elevator, looks at me, and then pushes the call button!

They push the button! As if I have no idea how to operate an elevator. Perhaps they mistake me for a Grecian statue.. I can’t blame them if they do.. I am an Adonis. If that is the case then I can understand why they would press the button. Statues have no interest in elevators. Everyone knows they take the stairs.

That is my rant for today. Tune in for more of my thoughts on a semi regular basis. Bookmark this site and visit it often.

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