My first blog apology

Well, it has been awhile since I undertook this online diary thing, and I only posted one freakin post! Kinda pathetic if you ask me.

I am going to try to update this fairly regularly, and I plan to send out an email to a bunch of people I know about this… so maybe they will keep me on my toes. I find myself to be a wonderfully interesting person, and I am sure my friends do as well.

I would send out that email tonight but hotmail is not working for me for some reason! Perhaps Microsoft knows I am using a Mac and they are trying to screw me. Most likely not since Microsoft makes oodles of software for the Mac OS. In fact I have some of it on my very own computer. I didn’t pay for it though. Not that I couldn’t afforf to buy it (I do think the prices are a little bloated but that is a different story) it is just that I have always wanted to be a pirate. So I thought I would copy the software and make use of it. If anyone from Microsoft legal is reading this, I will buy the software from you guys, if I have to. I am jsut waiting for OS X to come out.. and then I am going to go through the mother of all upgrades! I am even fooling with the idea of getting rid of my faithful iMac and getting a G4 when the new OS comes out. But that might be extreme.

Then again, I am a pirate and we live for the extreme, matey!

So what is new with me? I paid $8.50 to watch “Scary Movie,” the only scary thing about which is the fact that is not in the least bit funny. Film makers seem to be under the impression that shocking equals funny.. or that gross equals funny. Don’t get me wrong, I laughed my buttocks off at “There’s Something About Mary,” but the crop of films that its sucess has spawned fall very short indeed.

Other than that.. I spent a lovely 4th of July weekend in PA with my lady friend. It was very nice. It amazes me, how do I get through a day without seeing her? I am not sure… but I do it more often than not. I am hoping to put an end to this situation as soon as I can… not in a bad way.. I love Elisa (something that is difficult for me to express most of the time but I can write things more easily than I could ever say them. I have told her I love heron numerous occasions, but I am not the kind of guy that will turn to her in the middle of hanging out with our friends and tell her I love her. I play my emotions close to my chest). Anyway, where was I? Oh.. I just want to spend more time with Elisa. Living in the same state would help!

So it is 3am! I am listening to XTC and trying not to be sleepy.. but the old eyelids are getting heavy so I should go to bed.

Email me if you read this and tell me what you think! I actually got an email from someone about my last entry! I have to respond to them…

Live long and prosper

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