I can write good

So, it is very late. What am I doing updating my online JOURNAL at this hour? As usual the internet sucked me in for a few more hours than it should have. So now I am up and wide awake, with nothing to do. So I thought, this is better than nothing, right?

The people who have been reading this know that is just not true!

That brings me to what the bulk of this entry will be about.. and that is the reaction that my friends have had about this. They have all liked it! And that is great! It just proves to me that I can write. At least marginally well.

I know what you are thinking, what will it take to convince you that you do have some writing talent, Scott?

I am not sure. I can write a paper for a class with little trouble, and short stories are easy for me to write, and this here journal is easy to write as well (of course I am just babbling with this). However, I love to read. I think that is what does it to me. I read many things, and while i have never come across anyone who writes quite like I do (subject matter or prose) I am not sure if that is a good thing. Maybe no one writes like me because I suck. Who knows? All I know is that there are a lot of people out there who write much better than I do. That is true with everything in life I suppose. There are people out there that are better than me at everything. I have a name for this group of people, “bastards.”

Anyway, what is going on with my life you ask?

Hmm.. I order a new computer for little to no reason. I just wanted it, and darn it I should have it because I can afford it. I wanted it. It is mine.

It is a new Apple G4 Power Cube. I salivate just thinking about it; I hope it is waterproof.

That is the big excitement in my life. OK, so this entry isn’t all the funny. It is tough being funny.. just look at Adam Sandler. He tries so hard. It is embarrassing.

As is my spelling.

Goodnight all. As always, if you read this and you like it.. email me. I am a lonely pathetic man who craves contact with the outside world.

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