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First Entry

Hello all! This is my first entry. I very much doubt that anyone I know will be reading this. Or that anyone will be reading this at all for that matter.I took a moment to look around this here site and there must be thousands of dairies on here! And that is just this site! The internet is crowded with such pages. Why would anyone read this one?I am not sure why. I suppose there is a chance that the \”cosmic forces\” might have brought you here for some kind of enlightment. Well sorry, but I am all out of enlightenment.. would you like a Tic Tac?Anyway.. since you are probably someone who knows me, do I need to tell you all about me? Well, I will since anyone who knows me is utterly fascinated by me! I mean, who can blame them?I am 23, I work at Columbia Business School and I am a darn nice guy. I like to read (a little bi of everything but I shy away from crap). I like to write, but I have found that I just can't find the time to write. Does that mean that I was not cut out to be an author? I doubt it. I am going to try and write more, I will keep you posted.That reminds me… if you are reading this, drop me an email and tell me why!I live in Yonkers, NY. I have a wonderful girlfriend, who lives in PA (which sucks.. not the state but the fact that I am not with Elisa (that is my lady's name) but it is only for another year).That is about all. There is more I can tell you, but I like to be mysterious (that is a boring person's way of saying, I have nothing left to say).FIN

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