• Site.org, the ideal name for my blog

    As part of my WordPress.com membership (this blog is hosted by WordPress now, I know!) I get a credit for a free domain name to point to my blog. Of course, I already have an awesome domain name but the folks at WordPress are really concerned that I haven’t made use of this credit yet. So concerned, in fact, that they keep sending me email reminders.

    This, in and of itself, isn’t noteworthy. The suggested domains, however, are:

    After reading this email I want nothing more than to own “site.org.”

    You know I stopped what I was doing and ran over to WordPress.com to register site.org for free. I should say I attempted to register it. There’s a problem:

    No site.org for me (and there’s nothing there at the moment… so none for you either!).

    It is good to know, though, that for a measly $110k PER YEAR I can have site.blog.

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  • The Excited Pancake Song

    I never knew they were singing about pancakes

    This morning Marisa made the boys pancakes for breakfast. They aren’t great at cutting their own food just yet, so Marisa cuts up the pancakes on a cutting board and then distributes the pieces to Sammy and Declan.

    Well, as Marisa was giving Sammy his share one piece of pancake “jumped” from the cutting board to his plate. Marisa said that it was so excited to be eaten that it jumped onto Sammy’s plate.

    Sammy then spent the rest of the day telling us over and over again about his excited pancake that jumped onto his plate.

    As we were getting them ready for bed Marisa played them “I’m so excited” by the Pointer Sisters and they both very much enjoyed the song. Sammy is certain that the song is about his pancake. I worry he may not have a full grasp on logistics… or how time works but then again, I’m not sure the song isn’t about pancakes.

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  • PA in the news, for the wrong reasons

    Fears about the anti-democratic leanings of Mastriano have rippled across Pennsylvania and through the country since he won the Republican primary last week. Were he to go on to defeat Shapiro, the state’s current attorney general, in November he would have considerable powers at his disposal to support what would in effect be an insurrection.

    As governor, he would theoretically be able to refuse to certify the results of an election even though it had been conducted freely and fairly. He would also have the power to appoint Pennsylvania’s secretary of state – the position that controls all elections in the state.

    Shapiro: ‘Dangerous’ Republican rival Mastriano could override will of voters | Pennsylvania | The Guardian

    I very much hope the guy who doesn’t believe in democracy loses the PA governor’s race. He also has a whole host of other troublesome views… but the whole “governor and state legislators should choose who wins presidential elections” is a big no from me!

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  • Amanda Claridge, Archaeologist of Ancient Rome, Dies at 72

    “They are not really terribly interesting,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “The pornography is of fairly low character.”

    Amanda Claridge, Archaeologist of Ancient Rome, Dies at 72 – The New York Times

    Discerning about pornography and history! I think I should pick up a copy of one of her books.

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  • Why make things nice?

    Why make things nice?

    The boards added that whenever possible, statues had been saved, carefully wrapped and placed in storage for safekeeping, an approach that would continue until a final plan was adopted. A spokesman for the condominiums would not say where the sculptures were being stored and declined to show them to a reporter.

    In the Bronx, Priceless Sculptures Are ‘Literally Being Chipped Away’ – The New York Times

    There are many things I am grateful for that are available in our modern times. One thing, however, that makes me sad is the decline of whimsy in architecture and construction.

    I know there are many reasons why they don’t make things like Parkchester’s terracotta sculptures, but it boggles the mind that it might be “too expensive” to restore these works of art. Boo to that, I say!

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  • Honesty in pizza boxes

    Honesty in pizza boxes

    What I like most about this pizza box design is the fact that it doesn’t make any claims about the pizza it contains. No, it just proclaims that fresh oven baked pizza, in general, is the greatest.

    Well played, box, well played.

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  • Every Fantastic Four Costume Ever

    Every Fantastic Four Costume Ever

    The Fantastic Four has been around for 50 years, and over the course of that time, they’ve tweaked and changed their look to adapt to the times and reflect the state of the world that they are so instrumental in building. The team’s had so many iterations and compositions over the years that it’s important to remember that despite the Four’s status as the rock upon which Marvel was built, they’ve always been changing and adapting and growing. 

    Every Fantastic Four Costume Ever | Marvel

    The Fantastic Four has long been my favorite superhero team, and this article chronicling their costumes is great.

    The Walt Simonson era of the FF is what I think of when I think of the comic book. The cover above is one that instantly transports me back to the Dragon’s Den on Central Avenue looking through the Mylar bagged books for a deal (which I was never going to find, but still it was all about the hunt!).

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  • Who knew you should recycle the cap?

    Coke knows that its soda caps often end up as litter. So it’s trying to solve the problem by tethering them to the bottle, at least in the United Kingdom.

    Earlier this week, the British arm of the beverage company announced that it has started rolling out new versions of its plastic bottles. The new bottles feature an attached cap, a design that is supposed to make it easier to recycle the whole package at once — and keep caps out of the trash.

    Coke unveils new cap design in the UK – CNN

    I think this is very clever, since as a lifelong soda drinker I had no idea until recently that you can recycle the cap!

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  • Has that tree always been there?

    New (?) tree.

    Yesterday Declan had to spend most of the day at the hospital getting a procedure. Thanks to COVID Sammy and I had to stay at home while Marisa kept vigil at the hospital (that makes it seem way more serious of a procedure than it was. He’s fine, though it is always stressful when your young child has to have surgery! As I type this Declan is sitting in a truly gigantic pile of Duplos. Oh, wait, he’s no longer sitting in the pile. He now appears to be swimming… either way, the point is that he is fine!).

    I was on Sammy duty, and so we went for a walk around Philadelphia. We ended up on the River Trail, which is somewhere I have been on hundreds, if not thousands, of times. Usually when I’m on the path I’m running. And when I’m running I’m only paying attention to two things:

    • People who are aimlessly walking along the trail, so I can avoid running into them.
    • How much I dislike running

    That doesn’t leave much mental space for enjoying the scenery. As an attempt to take my mind off what was happening at the hospital I tried to take in the beauty of the Trail. It really is quite a pretty urban spot with both the scenery and the people adding to the appeal.

    As I walked along I noticed the tree pictured above. I’d have no difficulty believing this was the first time I had even seen this newly planted tree or that I’ve seen it countless times and it just never registered. But yesterday on this walk it made an impression.

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