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I don't like Trader Joe's

Trader JoesI know, I know. Everyone loves Trader Joe's. Aren't they whimsical? Aren't their prices low? Don't they have nice prepared foods? Can't I get lovely, unusual consumables there?

Sure, the food and prices are pretty good, however, the user experience sucks.

Now, the people that work there are very pleasant and downright helpful. I have no problem with them. The people that shop there, however, are another story.

The average customer at Trader Joe's seems to think that this store was setup just for them. No one else could possibly be shopping in their own personal store, so why shouldn't they just stop and stand in the middle of an aisle at random intervals. No, no, they should take their time looking at the various cheeses. It isn't like anyone else could possibly be standing right next to them patiently waiting to get some cheese. And by all means if you bump into something that feels like a fat bearded man wearing glasses you shouldn't apologize. Why? Because no one else should be in your store.

Every time I leave Trader Joe's I am just a little peeved off. People, what's the deal with them?